Thing 22 – Mobile things

I am an Android fan. And although I cannot download Gumit app, I am very eager to try it out once it becomes available for Android smartphones.
Also, “Beakon” technology sounds like an amazing idea for libraries. I know that privacy is a big issue in the era of technology overall, but I believe it can be done ethically. On the other hand, we do not think twice installing Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in our phones anyway.
goodreadsAs a book lover, I love Goodreads app. I think it is a very enjoyable platform to stay in touch with the reading community, read book reviews, find lists, recommendations, etc. You can join a variety of book clubs, and access their discussions via the app. You can even set your reading challenge and track you progress!
Also, a really nice feature it offers is scanning book barcodes. You can scan a single barcode of a book to automatically find its descriptions, community ratings and comments and similar books. Also, you can do a “batch scan” and “shelve” the scanned books (you can add them to your Want-to-read, Read or Curently-reading shelves). I think it is a nice and easy way to further expand my never ending reading list.


One thought on “Thing 22 – Mobile things

  1. You mentioned the ethical use of technology such as Beakon. What would be your primary concerns about the use of this technology, as a librarian?


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