Thing 20: Presentations

Giving presentations is not the thing I am very familiar or comfortable with. Therefore,  I was very lucky to attend ‘Abstract to audience: A guide to conference presentations’ seminar organized by LAI Career Development Group. The day was filled with very inspiring speakers and at the end of it I left elated and full of ideas for my future presentations.
While Prezi is a popular platform for creating your presentation, most speakers of the seminar (and I personally) prefer Power Point.
For this Thing I decided revisit my presentation I gave during the Information Organization module during my Master’s course. The assignment was to pick one of the up-coming module topics and present it in no more than 10 minutes. Dublin Core metadata standard was my choice. At that time, I was happy enough the way my slides looked. Now, on the other hand, I think I would have made them a bit better.
Looking back at my presenting experience that day, several things come to mind:
1. Avoid animation effects. I only had one slide where a word Metadata appears at the top of the slide and, somehow if failed to happen. As a result I, already a bit nervous about all the presenting in from of the class, tried to fix it and went a bit overtime with my presentation.
2. Use familiar fonts. I do not even remember which fonts I used for my initial presentation, but when I opened it on the college PC, everything was different! Trying to fix it last minute does not help to calm yourself down before presenting. Also, as Niamh O’Sullivan advised during the seminar, saving your slides as PDFs to preserve original formatting sounds like a very good idea!
3. Not too much text! OK, my task was to introduce a completely new topic as clearly as possible, but now, as I look at my slides, I could have gone a bit easier on the amount of text in my slides. Moreover, as part of my presentation, I made an accompanying leaflet with the key information on Dublin Core, so I definitely did not need that much information on the slides.

Anyway, with every experience you learn something new. Even if it is your old good Power Point.

Slides 1-6

slides 7-12
Dublin Core presentation slides.
Accompanying leaflet (outer side).
DC-leaflet-other side
Accompanying leaflet (inner side).

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