Thing 19: Legal side of things

I was looking forward to Thing 19 mainly because I felt that I needed to be more aware of copyright issues. I felt that during my Master’s course, copyright was not discussed enough throughout the different modules. Therefore, it is very useful to get some straightforward information on this matter in Rudai23. In addition, I am currently undertaking a free online course Copyright for Educators & Librarians via Coursera. While it is based on US copyright law, I think it is still a good introduction to copyright basics.
Apart from Flickr, I was not aware of many more websites for finding  public domain content. So, after some searching online, I came across Europeana – a website that gives access to different types of content from different types of heritage institutions. Europeana collects contextual information (metadata) about the items, including a small picture. Users search this contextual information. Once they find what they are looking for, if they want to access the full content of the item, they can click through to the original site that holds the content.
Depending on what you are looking for, the website gives a comprehensive search tool to narrow down your search results or to search for a very specific content in the first place. I liked that it allows you search content that is Public Domain marked or allows Use with Attribution. Every search result clearly states any restrictions that might apply to the content. It also provides direct link to the source of the content (see the screenshot image bellow).
da vinci
Screenshot of Europeana search results single item.
Also, I think browsing is not an option there and you have to have a specific purpose to make the best of their search engine. Also, it takes some time to fully explore what this website has to offer. And, frankly speaking, I am not there yet. But overall, it looks like a very impressive source of digitized heritage and culture content.
M0013845 Illustration by L. da Vinci
M0013845 Illustration by L. da Vinci Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Illustration by L. da Vinci on theories of vision. By: Leonardo da VinciTreatise of painting Leonardo da Vinci Published: 1721 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0




One thought on “Thing 19: Legal side of things

  1. Thanks for sharing the details of the copyright course. Will be interested to hear how what you think when you have finished it. #rudai23


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