Thing 18:Communicating through photographs

While I was still studying in DBS, Strategic Information Management module had a very interesting assignment – choose a library and make a presentation on how they manage their information services. My library of choice was Maynooth University Library. I did my research, had a very interesting interview with one of their senior librarians and… had a look at their Flickr account. That was my first experience of Flickr as a platform used also by libraries. At that time Maynooth University Library used it for documenting the progress of the building a new library extension. It was fascinating to see how everything was done and the new exciting building came into being. I have to say, I am not a Flickr user, so today I had another look at what’s going on MU Library account and I strongly believe they are making a great use of this online platform – showing their events, promoting Special Collections materials and raising overall visibility and profile of their library.
In my opinion, Flickr is so mush more professional that Instagram. I believe Instagram can be (and is) used by libraries to engage with their users in a more “casual” way, where Flickr provides space for a more official “documenting” of library exhibitions, initiatives, book launches and other events.
My photo of choice is a photo by Rathmines Library (I started following their Flickr profile).
Kevin Street Library


One thought on “Thing 18:Communicating through photographs

  1. I love the idea of giving a presentation on how a particular library delivers its information services. Did anyone from MU attend your final presentation? And if so, do you think they gained anything from your evaluation of their services? #rudai23


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