Thing 17: Reflective practice

reflective practice2For me, reflective practice does not come easy and for sure it is the hardest part of Rudai23.
Although, I believe that self-reflection is important for professional (and personal) growth. In our professional live we all go through various experiences – academic life, internships, looking for a job, various projects, CPD events, etc. Once any of those events/experiences is over, we can look back and evaluate our achievements (not necessary) and how we got there. While it is hard, I think it is very valuable to be critical and just lay it all there for yourself and, in this case, others.
My first experience of a deeper level self-reflection was at the end of my Master’s course where I had to submit a self-reflection piece as part of my Theses. To be honest, thesis word count was a bit of an issue for me, so I ‘was made’ to write up a lengthy chapter of my learning experience. At the beginning I was very anxious and dreaded of that final part of my theses, but in the end I relaxed and decided to be honest with me – I spent two years on my Master’s course and a lot of time and effort on my theses, for sure I learnt a lot about myself, I just needed to see it and evaluate it. All in all, it was really useful to look back and evaluate myself as a mature student, researcher, academic writer and solo/team player. Only after I finished my self-reflection piece, I saw the real value of it. I think it helped me to define myself as a person in general.
As someone who is currently looking for a library job, I see great value of constant reflection and evaluation of my progress so far – every interview gives me an experience where I learn something new about myself (what went right/wrong, why, what could have been done different, what will I do next time in a similar situation).
Also, I constantly review the Rudai23 Things that I learned in relation to any job ad I come across and how my skills or knowledge gained might benefit my future library/information role.
Overall, self-reflection is important at every stage of your career. Whether it’s attending conferences and recognizing the need to network more, or completing a project and evaluating your performance and lessons learnt along the way.


One thought on “Thing 17: Reflective practice

  1. Checking your Rudai23 learning against job specifications is a great idea Laura. If there are any items that we didn’t include on this course, but should include for a future course, please let us know when you are completing your final feedback #rudai23


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