Thing 16: Collaboration tools

collaborationHaving read the title of Thing 16, I was not sure if I knew what “collaboration tools” were. But then, oh, it’s Google Docs. I have to say, I have not used Google Docs in my professional or personal life. Although, having tried out adding a comment and a little bit of text to the shared Rudai23 document, I see how easy it is and wonder why I have never given it a go… Now, as I look back, I see how Google Docs could have made my life so much easier.
During my Master’s course there were several team projects. As it was part-time evening course, we could only meet up for a very limited time several times a week. Had I known how easy it is to use Google docs for creating shared documents, I could have escaped never-ending emailing of multiple versions of my projects to my course mates. Also, as Google Docs support chat and real time collaboration, it eliminates the need to use some other (social media?) platform for getting group opinions and making and explaining suggestions.
While I have almost none experience in using Google Docs for live collaboration, I think next time I am in a group project, I will definitely give it a go.
I think Thing 16 was very needed as I believe there are still many information professionals who need a little encouragement to give these tools a go.


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