Thing 15: Advocacy for libraries

I think Thing 15 summarizes perfectly what Rudai23 is all about – every app you use, every platform you explore for use in a library environment, highlights the breadth of services, resources and facilities available and emphasizes the importance, value and relevance of your library.
I had a look at the links provided by Rudai23. All of them seem to be really good resources to generate new ideas and use of the materials to promote and raise the profile of your library.
I Freaking Love Libraries Instagram campaign is very interesting to me at a personal and professional level –there’s plenty of stories and sayings that can be re-used for your own library campaign. I also think campaigns like My #HuntLibrary successfully promote libraries in general as user-friendly and modern spaces (the term “library anxiety comes to mind”).
In the LAI CDG article John Duffy (Sub-Librarian, Collection Development & Systems, The Bar Council of Ireland) says: “Every librarian should consider communications and marketing as part of their job”. I believe that advocacy for libraries cannot be underestimated. Especially, with budget and staff cuts, libraries have to find ways of showing their value in utilizing inexpensive technology and social media platforms.
I personally have never been involved in an advocacy campaign. Although, as a new information professional and a creative individual, I understand the value of advocacy for libraries, so me (and my creative nature), would be very interested to initiate or take part in an advocacy campaign for my future library.


2 thoughts on “Thing 15: Advocacy for libraries

    1. Hmm, I think advocating for libraries as part of your job is great. Although, in my opinion, active advocacy goes beyond the duties of your role and your employment organization, i.e. the overall profile and awareness of libraries would be raised as a result of active advocacy activities.

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