Thing 13: Professional organizations

While studying for my Master’s degree I joined CILIP and LAI. At that time I did not know what benefits my membership would bring, I just wanted to be updated with what was going on in a wider library community. Also, I particularly liked getting CILIP Update magazine in the post (and even since last year they switched to digital content, it still magically arrives in the post every month). While I do not visit CILIP website very often, I know they have a VLE for their members that offers some useful resources and a platform to record your CPD. I intend to use it some time, but at the moment I never find time to actually do that. On the other hand, I think CILIP membership is rather expensive – as an oversea member I pay £73. Of course, if I made the most of the resources offered it might be good value for money, but so far I have not yet committed to do that.
LAI website keeps me up to date with the library events. I also recently joined their Career Development Group, so being a member of LAI for me means better connection with the library community and also it gives me a chance to get involved at a different level.
EBLIDA website was a new discovery for me. I probably still need to have a better look what’s on their website, but at a first glance I liked the list of various conferences – it gives the idea of library trends and developments Europe-wide.
IFLA looks like a very interesting source of keeping up to date with developments in global information environment. Personally, I do not think I will join IFLA, because I think I am still not making the most of the professional memberships I have at the moment. A good thing is that their online magazine is available to non-members, so I, as a fan of library magazines, at least can have a good read without paying the membership fee.4567701
Overall, I think that being a member of a professional organization means different things for different people. For me (I still consider myself a new professional) joining CILIP and LAI gave me a sense of inclusiveness and…professionalism? Others, I believe, find different benefits in being a member depending on their career goals and professional interests.


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