Thing 11: Reflective Practice

So, let’s be honest zen frogand reflect a little bit. I think I really struggle with writing my blog. I just love practical tasks, but reporting on my experiences and thoughts (and reflecting on my journey o far) does not come easy for me. I have to admit that this probably has been the biggest learning curve for me – finding my voice and putting it “out there”.
When it comes to my time management skills, I really struggled to follow my intended schedule for Rudai23 and (surprise surprise) I am catching up with Thing 11 only now. I decided to be consistent and not to skip any of the topics because I believe they are uploaded in this order for a reason.
I also noticed that the more unfamiliar the topic is, the more exciting it is for me to explore it, and then writing a blog post is easier as well. So far, screen casting and live streaming were my most enjoyable discoveries.
Also, with every new experience (in this case it’s the Rudai23 Things) I not only learn something new but I discover something new about MYSELF. Just as my journey through my Master’s course a year ago, Rudai23 experience gave me an opportunity to examine my own strengths and weaknesses, my working and time management style. I looked back at my journey through Rudai23 so far. Of course, some of the Things were pretty familiar for me (LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest), while others were a completely new experience (e.g. live broadcasting). With this in mind, I discovered that the less I knew about the topic, the more eager I was to give it a go. As a result, writing a blog post about my new experience was so much easier than, for example, my thoughts about potential of Twitter or my improved LinkedIn profile. While some topics were more enjoyable than others, I value every single Thing I learned so far.
I have a month to go through the rest of Rudai23 Things. While I have a lot of catching up to do, I am very excited and eager to learn further – those long dark evenings are here for a reason!


One thought on “Thing 11: Reflective Practice

  1. Great reflection Laura. Sounds like you are really thinking through the value of the course and getting the maximum benefit from it. Keep up the good work! #Rudai23


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