Thing 10: Live Streaming

hangoutsonairAs I was watching Rudai23 Hangout-On-Air on August 23rd (great broadcast, by the way!), I was thinking about my own future experience in learning how to set up live streaming session. As I am catching up with Thing 10 only now, I decided to have a really good look how it is done.
While I was reading through Thing 10, I was increasingly excited and a bit anxious at the same time: “Oh, I will have to stream something live now”. As I did not have any idea what to talk about or whom to talk to, I was looking for a way of setting up a very casual broadcast that would give me the practical experience of being the moderator for the chat and also the possibility to see how it looks from a guest’s perspective. So, I decided to set up a short live streaming session and invite my husband as a guest to join me!
So, let’s begin. As I already had my channel on YouTube (created it for Thing 9 – Screencasting), I found it very easy to set up all the details for the broadcast. When it came to inviting other people, I only shared it with my husband on Google+ . One little issue I had (due to being an absolute beginner is this area) was that I was not sure how my guest will join my broadcast. So, I send multiple invites from my broadcast window as well. I also got a bit confused because an invite to join my video did not arrive to the Gmail inbox at first. Anyway, after several attempts my husband got the invite and made an attempt to join my secret live streaming session. Note: if you are joining a video chat from your mobile device, you’ll need a Hangouts app, or you’ll have to upgrade from Google Talk to Hangouts. Also, you’ll need to verify your account by providing your mobile phone number and receiving either an SMS message or an automated phone call. I was under no pressure to do all those little things just before my streaming session, but I imagine, in real life situation, preparation in advance is very important.
Anyway, my fake live streaming session was really good experience. I also noted that I would definitely need to familiarise myself with screen control buttons during the broadcasting. Also, while recording, everything seemed fine – I had my guest at the bottom corner of the screen. Although, after recording I went to my YouTube channel to have a look how it all looked on screen and noticed that the recording only has my video and only the voice of my guest but his video at the bottom of the screen was not present. Possibly, I overlooked something while being all excited to have my first hands-on experience with broadcasting. I did not go through the whole process of setting up another session just to see why it happened, but I will find out, I am probably not the only one who did not get it right at the first time anyway.


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