Thing 9: Video

Once I read about the task for Thing 9, I got very excited – I LOVE practical tasks, and this one was something I was very eager to get my hands on. Just as I expected, Screencast-O-Matic was very easy to use. Initially, I read some of the blogs about others’ experiences, so I did not expect to have any issues in using this application. And, oh my, it was such a nice experience. You know the feeling when you are trying something very new and everything is so clear and easy all the way!
Anyway, the only issue I had was to speak fluently during the recording: it took me numerous attempts to finally get an OK recording. Oh, and hearing my own voice ( plus this “lovely” Eastern European accent) I got very self-conscious. But in the end, it is what it is. In my screencast I did a quick overview of my beloved Calibre – e-book management system I use to organize and display my e-books and convert them to Kindle compatible format.
Having recorded my screencast, I uploaded it directly to my YouTube channel. Then, I had a look at the editing options YouTube has to offer. I have to say, everything looks very user-friendly, and in the future if (or, should I say – when) I have a more substantial video recording, I will definitely make the most of them. At the moment, I had a look at adding annotations and subtitles.
Adding annotations seems very easy. I added few of them just to try this feature out. The main thing is to pay attention to how long they are displayed on the screen as if you change the view of the screen the note left on it seems irrelevant before it disappears.
I had a go at adding subtitles as well. I watched a tutorial how I can transcribe my speech and add it to the video. I transcribed a small part of my speech and tried to add to the first part of the video. This was the most time consuming part of this task. I almost gave up, but…I didn’t! For the beginner like me, getting the timing right was quite tricky. I was not difficult or confusing, just time consuming: because I only added subtitle to a small part of my recording (for about 20 seconds of a 4.5 minute video), I had to match my subtitles to my speaking speed. So I was adjusting seconds and parts of seconds where the subtitle should appear and disappear. I think I got most of it right (more or less).

Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience that I know will come in handy in the future. I might even record a tutorial for my dad how to use Facebook!


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