Thing 8: Curator Tools

First of all, I was very interested to find out what “Curator Tools” is in the first place. The term was something new to me. But then I saw Pinterest icon and it all became much clearer. I use Pinterest for my personal interests and I find it absolutely amazing. I love this platform because it has minimum “social” aspect  – no need for “fake” likes and comments (you know what I mean, Facebook users). I am very comfortable using Pinterest, so I decided to give Flipboard a go. Here it comes…

flipboardTwo weeks ago I signed up for Flipboard and started following several topics of interest. Yesterday I revisited it with the intention to learn and explore this new (to me) platform.  After wandering in Flipboard for about 1.5 hours, I can say that I still need to get my head around several features. Also, I need to revisit the topics I follow as my Cover Stories are soooo random (possibly, information overload). Also, in the beginning, the name “magazine” confused me a bit. Initially, I thought the author of the magazine can add his/her own content, i.e. use it as self-publishing tool/blog.

While browsing is a really pleasant experience, I found it so much more engaging that Pinterest would be. I spent much more time at each interesting article before “flipping” it. I really like the overall look and ease of use of Flipboard and I see myself using it for personal or professional development – option to make magazines available for public or private viewing makes it so much easier. I think Flipboard is an easy way to “pull” some interesting content together for others to read or for myself to catch up later (e.g. Long Interesting Library Reads). Just need to remember and re-visit those saved articles.

In the beginning I found several aspects a little bit confusing: so you can follow Topics, Accounts, Magazines and People??? Also, when I visit my own magazine, I have an option to “follow” it. Why would I like to follow my own magazine? The answer dawned on me just now after I had another good browse around: Eureka! I can have more than one (myself) contributor to my magazine! I wonder how much more I will learn with every visit to my Flipboard account.

To finish up, having familiarized myself with Flipboard, I started paying attention to “Share” options of interesting reads while browsing the World Wide Web. Interestingly, Flipboard icon is very seldom present. So, I still need to find out if I am “limited” to the content I find on Flipboard itself – not that there is not enough of it. So far, happy flipping!


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