Thing 6: Reflective Practice

Reflective practice
Reflective practice

During my journey through Rudaí23 so far, I kept reading other participants’ blogs and was pleasantly surprised/impressed/encouraged with the variety of styles, ideas and stories there. I found couple of blogs I keep returning to. I think the Daring Librarian is an example blogger. I found her post about blogging especially inspiring.
Being at the very beginning of my career, I found it especially interesting and valuable to get to know how other Rudaí 23 participants found their way into the library and information world.
I was falling behind (and still am) with Rudaí 23, so it was quite comforting that not everybody is up to speed and everyone is progressing at their own pace. So, my experience so far is great. While blogging is still quite out of my comfort zone, I love learning new things! I find that Rudaí 23 Things 1-5 were a good introduction to more different tools of social media. I believe that most of us know Facebook, Twitter and Google applications, but podcasts or live streaming is something that not everybody (at least me) uses every day in their personal or professional environment. So, while I am still couple of Things behind, I am very excited to explore all these new tools and to learn something completely new for me. Wish me luck!


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