Thing 5: Online Networks

My experience so far is that I tend to keep my professional and social online networking spaces separate.
For me, Facebook is still somewhat a platform with personal and entertainment focus. Up till now I did not consider it to serve my professional interests as well. Although, I am ready to give it a go and explore what’s there in for me in a professional sense.
So, I had a great read of Rudai23 Thing5, had a good look at other links provided and… (thanks to Librarian by Day who provided a nice list of Facebook pages of interest) I am now following several Facebook pages and groups that seem to share very interesting stuff. My Facebook news feed just got much more interesting.
My experience with Twitter is a different story. I never considered it to be something I would use, let alone for my professional interests. I could not be more wrong. My first Twitter experience was after my first NPD event in 2013 where Michelle Dalton in her inspirational presentation urged everybody to give it a go. I am still very thankful for her. As soon as got home after the event, I set up my profile and got on Twitter. NPD networking event gave me a really good start for Twitter because I quickly built my list of people to follow (on Twitter). Two years on, I have to say, I am not a very active tweeter, but every time I get on Twitter I find a lot of interesting and useful tweets that guide me to some really good reads, job vacancies (the most important thing for me at the moment) and, overall, make me feel part of a really cool community.

I know I still need to get more comfortable with the tools Twitter has to offer. For example, Twitter lists was a nice discovery of this social platform. Especially for someone like me who is more of a Twitter-reader it is a good way to stay updated.
Also, thanks to Buffersocial who provided a nice step-by-step guide on Twitter chats, I am very eager to give it a go. And I am definitely saving the date for Rudai23 Twitter chat.

twitter chat

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