Thing 4: Some thoughts on Google

Apart from using Gmail as my main professional email address, Rudai23 Thing 4 made me have a look what else is available once I click that right corner in my Google account. So, having explored what Google has to offer, I (probably like many people) realized that I am definitely underusing the features available. On the other hand, I probably do not have the need to use them all anyway. For, example, instead of using Google calendar, I still use pen and paper for noting and organizing my tasks. And Google translate came in really handy only once when I had a customer with no word of English and we still managed to solve her problem and even to give a piece of advice in…Romanian! Anyway, I do use some of Google applications.
For example, Google Drive – did not use it until I started my Master’s course and, being (overly?) cautious not to lose my precious files, I was saving my assignments to multiple USBs and to Google Drive.
Rudai23 Thing 4 made me visit my long forgotten Google+ profile. I, as probably many people at that time, created one just when Google+ was still new and fresh social media platform. After that (and several visits after that) I forgot all about it.
So, after so much time, it was nice to revisit: I found and joined Rudai23 group there, and I wrote to my sister who happened to be online in Google+. But apart from that, I do not think I will be active user of Google+. For me, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Skype are so well established social media platforms and serve their purposes so well that Google+ cannot compete in trying to be all those things in one.
Although, hangouts seem like a good tool to communicate. While I do not work in the sector and my current role does not involve any video conferencing, it will come in handy once I manage to persuade my mom and my sister (they all live abroad) to come together and have some quality virtual time together.
After all, it was very useful to look into Google applications, and I feel very eager to give one or two a go. Thanks, Rudai23!


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