Thing 3: Some thoughts about my professional brand

As a new professional, I am still finding my way into the amazing world of libraries. So, when Thing 3 came up in Rudai23, it really gave a lot of food for thought – “What is my professional brand? Do I even have one? How do I feel about it first of all? ”
Well, as someone who happens to work in retail sector at the moment, in my current role I am concerned about overall brand awareness, what the company is best known for and how to keep it all going. I also know that creating and maintaining successful brand takes lot of hard work and strategic planning. Although, how much of it is applicable when it comes to a professional branding? Well, I would like to believe that… not that much. During my nine years in retail sector, I have learned that the actual product you’re offering and the brand as perceived by your customers, in some cases, are two very different things. This is why I think professional (and probably personal) brand is about being consistent throughout the networking platforms and online profile(s) and… staying true to yourself.
That’s why I found Rudai 23 Thing 3 so useful – it made me go through my overall professional profile and really look into what could be improved (my photo for sure) and updated to better reflect who I really am as a new information professional. As a result, I found I did not have my two internships listed in my LinkedIn profile, and, for someone without a lot of experience, it is an important bit of my professional profile.
So far so good – I finalised my profile summary, revised professional headline and updated my profile photo. These are little steps, but I keep moving.
P.S. I Googled myself in incognito mode. Result no.1 – my late pet rat Joseph. So much of my professional branding…



2 thoughts on “Thing 3: Some thoughts about my professional brand

  1. Great post. I really think your experience in retail proves something that is my experience. For training purposes we try and look at what the student needs rather than what we think they need!


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