Thing 2: My journey so far

I have always wanted to work in the library. Well, I probably did not know that myself for quite some time in my life, but, remembering the first visits as a child to the local library with my mum (it was an old house that did not look like a library, but was just filled with books and a librarian at a desk in one of the rooms), I can see that the wish was always there. This was long long time ago.

I graduated in BA in English Philology (the mystic word I am always asked to explain in interviews) back home in Lithuania and decided to come to Ireland for a year or two.

Long story short – almost nine years on, I am still here and do not know if I ever want to leave. During my time here I have been working in a lovely artisan chocolate boutique. I am still there, and I am enjoying what I do, mostly because it satisfies my creative nature and I am meeting a lot of interesting people. Although, three years ago I felt I needed change and started thinking where I wanted be long-term. Librarianship was the obvious choice from the very beginning. Also, I wanted to go back to education for some time so I was pleased when I got accepted to do MSc Information and Library Management in DBS (Dublin Business School). I successfully graduated last year. During those two years of study I grew both professionally and personally and this experience only strengthened my wish and determination to start a career as information professional. As part of my course in DBS I completed work experience placements in a public and academic libraries. Also, I was doing some summer work in Maynooth University Library last summer. This experience in a large academic library and meeting the most inspiring people there is what keeps me going and looking forward to join the amazing world of information professionals.

So, I am not a librarian. I am not there yet, but while I am getting there I’ll enjoy networking, learning new skills (Rudai23 – here I come) and exploring what library world has to offer.



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